Safety and Basic First Aide

Safety and Basic First Aide

Basic safety and first aid should be taught to every early childhood educator before they ever assume care for children. We are responsible for keeping the children in our care as safe as possible. This course explores safe handling of medications and cleaning supplies as well as delving into earthquake, tornado and fire drills, safe outdoor play and equipment safety. Basic first aid is covered. (This is NOT a CPR/first aid course.) Course length  – 2.0 hours.
The course helps answer the following questions:
  • What first aid supplies should I have in the classroom?
  • When should a new hire be trained in basic first aid and safety?
  • How should I store and dispense medication and how should I keep records of dispensing medication?
  • Do I need a parents’ permission for things like diaper cream and sunscreen?
  • How should I conduct earthquake, tornado and/or fire drills?
  • How often should I check toys and equipment for safety?
  • Does everyone in my center need to be CPR/first aide certified?


Participants who successfully complete this course will:
  • Understand the importance of preparing for and giving tours properly.
  • Analyze their facility’s safety practices and where they may need adjustments.
  • Learn ways to support, encourage and maintain their staff.
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