Art and Writing:  Thinking Creatively Outside the Box

Art and Writing: Thinking Creatively Outside the Box

Art and Writing can be about so much more than crayons and pencils. This course explores how to choose great materials that are appropriate for your age group. We cover how to teach the children proper use of art materials and we provide great tips and ideas for activities. Learn about the importance of the pincher grasp, process vs product art and much more! Course length  – 1.5 hours.
The course answers the following questions:
  • What are the best materials to go into the art center for my age group?
  • What are the best materials to into the writing center for my age group?
  • When is it good to combine the centers or keep them separate?
  • At what age should scissors be introduced?
  • Does it matter what kind of scissors I use?
  • How can you teach the pincer grasp?
  • What does product vs process mean?
  • What are some educational and engaging activities in these centers for my age group?


Participants who successfully complete this course will be able to:
  • Create art and writing centers that will include developmentally appropriate materials that are useful for those centers.
  • Compare different items such as scissors with understanding of what is important to make them safe and appropriate for each age group.
  • Utilize the materials in the art and writing centers in creative and fun ways that will teach cognitive skills.


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